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Let’s talk deodorant! Rather, let’s talk about the importance of using a safe deodorant….

Not many people know this but, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. When I was at the beginning of my non toxic journey, my mom was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Unfortunately, my mom’s story is far from unique.  Women in the US have a 1 in 8 risk of having Breast Cancer in their lifetime. This life changing event reaffirmed my commitment to non toxic living for sure as I know that only 10% of cancer is genetic while 90% is caused by the environment (whether it is where you live, what you use on your body, what you eat, the air you breathe). This was not a genetic incidence.

When she was diagnosed, one of the first thing she was told was to stop using deodorant until all the treatments were done and then, to switch to a “natural” deodorant. Coincidence? I think not. 60% of breast cancer is found in the top outside quadrant of the breasts, ie… closer to where you apply your deodorant… So, I’ve made it my mission in life to transition as many people as I can to a safe deodorant… In your non toxic journey, it’s one of the first product you should seek to change. And even if you are not buying the whole “non toxic” journey… do yourself a favor, change this one thing.

Why is safe deodorant such a big deal?

For everyone but particularly for women, seeking a safe deodorant should be primordial because:

-Most women shower and shave their underarms, which irritates the skin and opens up those hair follicles making the deodorant you apply even more susceptible to penetrate your skin and reach your bloodstream.

– Your underarms have one of the highest absorption rate of any areas in your body. What you put on there gets absorbed and travels to your bloodstream.

– Most women wear bras, which constricts our lymphatic system and the nodes directly under our arms that are there to help filter out the harmful substances and toxins. And we do this everyday.

– Deodorant is one of those products you use everyday, some people using it multiple times a day, increasing your exposure to its ingredients and at the same time raising your body burden.

Is antiperspirant the same?

Antiperspirant is worse. When you apply antiperspirant, you are blocking your body’s ability to perspire and while, this is why people use antiperspirant, hear me out… Sweat is your body’s way of getting rid of toxins. By applying antiperspirant, you are preventing your body from getting rid of harmful substances your body wants to get rid of. In fact, when you first start using antiperspirant, your body will produce more sweat to try and bypass this. Often, people who switch from an antiperspirant to a “natural” deodorant report that, a few weeks after the switch, they notice that they are sweating less. That’s because, in the absence of aluminum trying to prevent the body from doing its job, your body starts to self-regulate and your sweating can decrease.

Let’s talk about those harmful ingredients in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants….

Conventional deodorants and antiperspirants contain a slew of toxic ingredients. Most commonly fragrance (including phthalates), parabens, propylene glycol and triclosan…. To name only a few.

So much Research has linked these ingredients to several medical conditions: hormone disruption, reproductive issues, obesity, diabetes, infertility, hyperactivity & behavioral problems in children, reduction in IQ, loss of memory, organ failure, Alzheimer’s Disease and of course, cancer …

Recent research has shown that 99% of breast cancer tumor tissue contains at least one paraben, and over 60% contained no less than five parabens. Parabens are group of chemical preservatives used in about 85% of personal care products.

They have a structure very similar to estrogen, which can significantly alter your body’s hormones. Additionally, and this is important if you are a breast cancer patient and undergoing treatment, a study has shown that methylparaben (found in many personal care products) renders Tamoxifen (a breast cancer drug that slows down the growth of cancer cells) ineffective. That is HUGE!!!

Another extremely common ingredient in deodorants/antiperspirants is Aluminum Chloride. It blocks the body’s ability to perspire (which you already know is a healthy bodily function and how we excrete toxins) by irritating the skin to cause an inflammatory reaction by swelling the cells around the sweat glands. When the body can’t do its job properly, it forces other organs and systems in our body to work much harder…Not to mention the link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s has long existed, and there is more research now than ever showing showing an undeniable connection.

So choose SAFE

Go look at what you are using right now. Turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients. Do you need to make the switch? Yes?

There are tons of clean, non toxic deodorant options out there. Some with baking soda, some without (some people are sensitive to baking soda and it gives them a rash so if that is you, opt for a baking soda free option). You can buy your safe deodorant, you can make it, some of you can probably get away with skipping it altogether (lucky you, definitely not my case). Every person reacts differently to deodorant. It works with your body chemistry. You might have to try a few but do it! It’s worth it. YOU ARE worth it. Everyone should have a safe option that works for them.

I promote a line of safe products that offers 2 options of safe, effective deodorants… one with baking soda and one without. I’m happy to point you in the right direction if you would like to try them. But even if you don’t buy mine, please, please, please find an option that is safe or ask me and I’ll help you find one (even if it’s not mine). It’s that important! For everyone! Do this for your kiddos also. As a mom of 2 girls, I’m happy that I knew this information before they started wearing deodorant so I was able to start them using only safe options. You now have the information so you can also do this if you choose to.

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Want tips to transition to a natural deodorant as painlessly as possible? Look out for my next blog on that very topic!