When life becomes a little overwhelming and you are in need of a way to relax and feel pampered, who does not like a hot bath? Oils, salts and herbs can even be added to your bath to add to the relaxing experience and assist with detoxing your body.

However, if you are reaching for bath bombs to do that, know that most of the options offered in stores are filled with synthetic fragrance ingredients and artificial dyes. Why is this important? It’s important because your skin (your largest organ) is not a barrier. In fact, your skin absorbs on average 68% of the products you put on it. Those harmful ingredients unfortunately do not stay on top of your skin but instead, penetrate and reach your bloodstream.

If you have store bought bath bombs at home and would like to check the ingredients against a list of ingredients you should avoid, click here for a list of those ingredients.

The great news is, a better non toxic & safe bath bomb is a fun and easy thing to make! And if you have children, tweens or teens, this might be the perfect rainy day, birthday party or craft day project!


  • 30 drops of organic essential oils
    • I only suggest USDA certified organic oil options as they are third party certified and you can rest assured you are getting a 100% pure, safe oil. See below for some of our favorite blends.
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup sea salt
    • We like fine pink himalayan but any will do.
  • 1/2 cup citric acid
  • 1 1/2 tbsp of oil
    • We use jojoba oil as it is closest to your skin’s PH level. Another great option is argan oil.
  • 2 tsp witch hazel
  • Natural dyes, liquids and herbs to create color and designs without chemicals
  • Grab a stainless steel bowl and mixing spoons. Making multiple colors? Just grab extra bowls.


  1. Add dry ingredients and mix well until combined.
  2. Add essential oils and carrier oil. Then spritz witch hazel on the mixture very slowly. I recommend using a spray bottle with additional liquid to evenly add.
  3. Mix well with a spoon or wear gloves if you are using your hands.
    Mixture should hold together when pressed together.
    Add more witch hazel if it isn’t quite there yet.
  4. If using a mold type press in firmly and leave at least 24 hours (48 is better) or until hardened. You can check on them and push down if needed.Another option if you’re in a rush and your container is oven safe, throw them in for about 20 minutes on 350 degrees.
  5. One of our favorite options is actually bath sand instead of a bomb. Instead of needing molds you can use a jar or container with a lid and use sand as needed at the perfect amount for you. Create layers of different colors like sand art for fun!
  6. Place in a bag or an airtight container or bag.
  7. Use within 2 weeks.


Tranquility: A calming Pure Haven blend of five essential oils: cedarwood, lavender, frankincense, sweet orange and chamomile. These oils have the ability to aid in getting more restful sleep, lessening anxiety & fear.

Be Well: A unique Pure Haven blend of four essential oils that includes lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint. Be well has the ability to aid with respiratory support, mood boosting, supporting a healthy home and it’s especially helpful when fighting a cold or flu.

Sleepy Time: Lavender and frankincense can help relieve anxiety and calm the spirit. Perfect before bed for a restful night’s sleep. Sleepy Time Oil from Pure Haven is a blend of these two along with jojoba and sunflower oil.

Sweet Citrus: Sweet Orange and Lemon. This blend is a kid favorite.

Headache/Fever: Peppermint and Lemon.

You do need to watch what essential oils you use with children.
Here is a list of what oils are age appropriate:

Happy pampering!!!