What is an Ingredient Detective?

Let me ask you a question: do you ever read your labels on food?

Did you know that while you pay attention to what you put IN your body, you should also pay attention to what you put ON your body?

Why???  Because the ingredients in your personal care products and household cleaning products do not remain on the surface of the skin but are designed to penetrate your skin and they do! That would not be so bad if the ingredients in your products were good for you. However, many products you use every day, sometimes several times a day contain harmful ingredients including (but not limited to) carcinogens, skin irritants and endocrine disruptors. Who wants that on their skin?

If you’re overwhelmed when you turn a bottle of shampoo around to read the ingredients, let me help you.

I can show you which ingredients to avoid and why, one step at a time.

Let me help you simplify the process and become an ingredient detective.